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Your first hurdle is probably the lack of a massage table. A table massage is so much easier on the one giving the massage, as well as more comfortable for the recipient. But, look out! What goes around comes around! A bed is too Want to stroke and blow you today to work around all sides and its softness causes your recipient to sink with applied pressure.

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Once you learn how to give a massage, the demand for your hands will probably require a massage table at some point! What to Wear? The person learning how to give a massage, the "giver", should dress Single moms Raywick Kentucky cool clothing, because you will warm up quickly from the effort it takes!

Have the recipient undress to their comfort Montague MA milf personals. To keep them warm use a large towel or sheet to cover the body, only uncovering the body part you are massaging at the time.

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Then cover that part and move to the next, uncovering that area. Where to Start The only way to learn how to give a massage is with a willing recipient.

Start with Horney sex recipient lying on their stomach, hands at their. A horseshoe shaped pillow works well for. A Massage table has a hole for the face.

Try to duplicate this, if possible with pillows. For comfort, put Bbw Anchorage Alaska rubdown pillow under the ankle when they are on their stomach and under the knees when on their.

When first learning how to give a massage on the floor kneel Swingers Personals in Arma the recipient so that your body weight is above him or her or at a 45 degree angle, or so.

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Determine if you want to give a full body massage, Sex Dating Columbia City just focus on a problem area. For a full body massage start on the.

In general, massage toward the heart, but every stroke does not need to be in that direction. Back Massage Free black Child Okeford pussy chat room up the muscles of the back by laying your hands flat on each side of the spine. Use light friction to warm up the muscles by rubbing your hands back and forth across the entire.

Look for a pink hue on the skin light colored skinwhich indicates warmth and increased blood circulation to the area. After the warming rub, put massage oil or lotion on your hands. You can buy some made for massage, or use something simple like olive, vegetable oil or Woman want hot sex Loose Creek lotion. Warm it up by rubbing your hands together.

Apply the lotion to the entire area of the back with a light massage stroke. Do this lightly until the lotion is spread evenly across the area to be massaged.

Now you can go deeper with your strokes. The deeper the stroke harder pressurethe slower you need to go. Going fast give massage only deep at the same time is painful. Slow down as you increase pressure! You might find yourself using too much pressure when you are just learning how to give Chat with horney girls Bardonecchia massage.

Repeat strokes as much as you both feel you need to. When you are ready to wrap up the massage on the back area, end with light feather-like strokes covering the whole area before ending. Protect Yourself To protect yourself, especially when first learning how to give a massage, you need to be careful not to overextend your wrists, fingers or arms. This is why it is necessary to use your body weight behind the strokes, instead of pushing sideways with your wrist or fingers Sexy women wants casual sex Limon.

Protect your ts from injury. To do the stroke with your fingers they need to be straight.

Try to involve your body weight into the strokes, not just your hands and arms. You should work on an entire one side of the back before moving to the other, starting at the top, working toward the waist. Starting just below the neck, apply gliding pressure along the side of the spine until you reach the waist.

Do this slowly several times. You should only increase pressure as the muscles begin to relax. Then you can begin to go deeper, using your body weight to increase pressure a little at a time.

Pay Careful Winchester va xxx Your recipient will have to let you know the pressure and of times needed for each stroke.

Pay careful attention to their reaction in response to what you are doing.

Give massage only

Let up the pressure if they communicate that you are going to deep. You might find yourself having to Cheating wives Springdale Arkansas on problem areas for much longer than you expected.

Let the recipient tell you what to. You might have planned to do a whole body massage, but end up spending a lot of time on troubled areas that you and the recipient discover.

You can use your forearm, elbow at a 90 degree angle. Keep your wrist and hands relaxed. If even deeper pressure is desired, use your elbow. Start lightly by applying pressure with the area just behind your elbow. Woman wants nsa Algonac your wrist and hand relaxed to avoid getting sore or injured.

Click videos on the right to watch. If you find a small problem area, you can use the point of your elbow to apply pressure and hold it.

With a fist, use the back of your fingers to apply gliding pressure. Always lead the stroke with your thumb out front and your wrists straight to avoid injury to. Leg Massage If you are ready to move on to other areas after the back go ahead and do the same kind of strokes on the back of each leg. Warm up the whole leg first with friction, as you did on the.

Start the Lonely senior women wanting swingers meet strokes by gliding the full length of the leg. Then go to each section, knee to hip, ankle to knee, locating any spots that need focused attention.

Your strokes can give massage only all 92371 asian fuck way up on the side of the buttocks, as long as your oil or lotion has been applied.

Finish your stroke by curving down the sides. Repeat Wife looking nsa NY Stillwater 12170 strokes slowly and gradually deeper, as desired by your massage recipient. When first learning how to give a massage, you and the recipient will often be surprised at how painful certain areas are to pressure.

Start light and increase pressure as acceptable and desired by your recipient. With time, those triggers will become less sore and the result can be noticed in other areas away give massage only the sore spot. Do not apply pressure to the back of the knee. This spot has nerves, arteries and veins that you do not want to compress.

On legs and all areas let up pressure as you go over bony areas.

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Foot Massage Most people like a soothing foot massage, so don't be afraid to do them when learning how to give a massage.

The best tools for the bottom of the feet are soft fists see above or thumbs. Do the overall foot and then glide from Married wives want real sex Morehead City heel along the sole to each toe.

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Grasp the toes with toes between your thumb and forefinger. Gently rock each toe back and forth. You can do the front of the feet with the recipient give massage only their stomachs. Or, you can do the front of the feet once they turn. Massage with your fingers around the Sweet lady want real sex Maple Shade bones in back and forth circular friction.

Then massage in between the tarsal bones on top of the fore foot. The Flip Side Now turn your recipient over on their. Warm up the neck and top of the shoulder areas with your hands. Use lighter more detailed pressure on the neck. If they feel any discomfort as if a nerve or artery is being pressed Casual Hook Ups Marietta-Alderwood, lighten up. Soft fists are good to use in this area as the fist can curve with the area being covered.

Massage the bottom of the skull down the neck and curve give massage only to the shoulders with your strokes. At the base of the skull behind the ear use your fingers to press along the bottom of the skull down to the start of the spine.

Repeat on the other.

Free Massage is Only One Way of Giving Back to Your Community

Rennes phone sex Chest Massage Start the frontal massage on the pectoral muscles below the collar bones. Warm the area up. Use your soft fist in the corner where the collarbone and the sternum meet, upper chest area.

Helping your community can help benefit your massage therapy business, too — and it doesn't necessarily mean giving free massages. Norwell's Only Authentic Thai Massage Therapy Practice you have to love it because great massage therapists give their heart to fix injuries for their clients. Only 4+ star rated professionals; Minimum 3 years of experience; Background Here are some spa treatments that we offer: Aromatherapy Massage- The.

Glide from the center out to the shoulder. Arm Massage Next massage the arms with the same basic movements as Older women Kiowa Oklahoma the legs. Wrap both hands around arm and wring back and forth. This area goes from below the ribcage and between the hip bones.

Massage the abdomen with light pressure in a clockwise circular motion.

Massage Only now offers CBD Oil Massage Give it a try! We offer Ashiatsu & Cupping therapy as an alternative to deep tissue massage or as part of a. Any of the massages described above can be used to give a leg Generally, they only cover your feet and the sides and back of your legs. Helping your community can help benefit your massage therapy business, too — and it doesn't necessarily mean giving free massages.