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A similar expression is to catch you up on. Origin of Fill You In People often use this phrasal verb to fill in to describe giving someone a quick, informal briefing about a meeting, event, or other occurrence that the person should know.

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It comes from the expression fill in the blanks, which originated in the s. The word blanks in this idiom stands for unknown information and fill Lonely mature women Chesapeake means supply the missing information.

By the s, the shortened version, to fill someone in, was common as. Usually this idiom appears with an object pronounlike fill me in, fill him in, or fill you in.

Examples of Fill You In In this dialogue, two employees are discussing a meeting that one of them cannot attend. Deanna: Apparently, there will be a very important meeting tomorrow morning. I just got an stressing how important it is to attend.

Emily: Really? If it is so important, they should have told us earlier. Emily: Thanks!

I appreciate that! In this dialogue, two friends are discussing a social event that one of them missed.

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Your wife filled me in. I heard about the family emergency that you had to deal.

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More Examples This excerpt is about a politician who received privileged information on biomedical stock. Then in the summer, Mr.

Price got in on the discounted sale after Mr. At the hospital, she has vague memories of hearing the nurses and her parents talking.

In the days since, they have filled her in on many details.