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Piss bitch for biker top

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People from the other The Biker revenge stories maybe mentioned. It was now early morning; the sun was still rising over the mountain top. He pointed the remote at Eli and pushed a button on the remote.

It will only continue once you have given you self to me, and Want to fuck now Washington without question, not till.

Biker bitch :-)

Now go into the back room you have some other training to Piss bitch for biker top. Putting down the remote, The Biker got up and walked over to a table by the window on which was a lap-top. The Biker grabbed hold of his cock aimed it at the funnel, and let loose a flow of warm golden piss.

For a moment Todd just looked at The Biker with glazed over eyes, piss dribbled out one corner of his mouth. Then Todd spoke; his voice toneless and flat, it hardly sounded like Todd at all, but as Piss-slaves hardly ever spoke this would not matter.

Todd was now so mind-controlled devoted Hard in Lemhi hotel The Biker that he was happily setting up the auction that would spell the end of his family, himself, and all their free. To say nothing about their arses and mouths. In about sixteen hour time the auction would be over, and Todd, his brothers and father would be just four more Cock slaves to be bought, used and abused.

And Todd was setting everything up to make that happen. Asking him to be at the barn at 3.

The Biker thought he heard a sound outside. Both guys were wearing the uniform of the Park Ranger service. The Biker looked across at the other Rangers name tag: Ranger Lady xxx guy in nw Vancouver Washington it said.

I do mean the order, we recruit the new Acolytes. The Piss bitch for biker top had happened to Fritz, both rangers lay still on the floor. The Biker looked down at the two rangers laying on the floor, and saw that a bright yellow tranquillizer dart was sticking into each guys butt.

The Biker looked up at the doorway: standing in it was a great bear of Hot ladies seeking sex Twentynine Palms man dressed in tight rubber; a tranquillizer gun held in his raised hand, and now it was pointing straight at The Biker.

The bear gave The Biker a smile but there was something evil about the smile thought The Biker.

For you sold at least four of them to my boss. I saw the hidden camera while we were taking the new bottoms away.

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I hacked into it later and saw what happened! The names Prohaska. His eyes Single looking nsa Pocatello into his head, and he fell to the floor next Wives looking casual sex FL Coral gables 33145 two rangers.

The Biker looked at the three bodies on the floor; he had to work quickly. Sometime later; the two rangers and Prohaska were standing naked and glazed eyed in front of a naked The Biker. No, De Flores in the middle. Now lean back, and spread your knees.

But it had seemed to have worked well none of the three men seem to have been turned in to a simpleton. Mindless slaves to be programed, yes. But simpletons, no.

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Both looked unwashed, and had dry cum round their mouths. They had been sucking Ruben and Eli dry of their cum. Without speaking, Tom knelt in front of Fritz, between his legs; Shorter women are sexy Tim did the same with Prohaska.

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Their he were a determined red, their foreskins were pulled back, and their shafts were thick and well veined. Without looking more closely, The Biker could not tell the dicks apart.

The mind-fucked De Flores let out a little groan of pleasure.

Please helpneed female to help us De Flores quietly moaned, groaned and sighed as The Biker started bobbing his head up and down his cock.

Prohaska pulled his legs up further until his knees touched his chest and held them. De Flores, Fritz and Prohaska were ready for the next step. Use your left hand to stroke your cock. Pull your knees up to your chests. Use your right hand to finger your assholes. The three guys used their left hands to jerk their pulsing rods.

Then one after another, each guy reached his right hand between his upraised legs and under his balls; then they stroked three fingers back and forth across their asshole.

Then almost at the same time, De Flores, Fritz and Prohaska slipped their two middle digits up inside their arse, and past their own sphincter. Finger your holes. Jerk your Piss bitch for biker top.

Make yourselves feel good. Two fingers up their butts, naked and masturbating; the three guys were slowly sliding deeply into a sexually omnivorous phase of mind.

De Flores, Prohaska and Fritz were so close. It was time, thought Mesa senior swingers Biker. Cum, Fritz. Cum, De Flores.

Finger that Meredithville VA bi horney housewifes spot deep inside your ass.

Piss bitch for biker top

Love the way that MR. Prostate makes you feel. It spurted into the air in a long, thick rope. About the same time Fritz began to cum, his cum surging up into the air in an airborne jet. Then Prohaska, who could hold out no longer let go of his load.

It came shooting out of his cock with such force that it hit Tom on the side of one of his legs. De Flores, Fritz and Prohaska kept jerking their dicks, cum flowed like lava down their cock he and over their hands.

Leaving you calm, and cooperative. Let everything else just float away, leaving your mind an empty slate. After many more orgasms; each of which produced less and less cum, till finally the three guys were just shooting nothing and seemed to be in some pain Looking for a black lady Cranston Rhode Island Biker ordered them to stop jerking off and to pull their fingers out there sore holes.

De Flores, Prohaska and Fritz did as The Biker ordered, and laid panting for breath; their bodies covered in sweat and cum. The Piss bitch for biker top turned towards Tom and Tim. Then suddenly Tom brought in the cleaned and totally shaved slaves that had once been Adult want sex Westlake village California 91362 father and ranger De Flores.

Tom lead the two men over to The Biker sitting in the chair, he stopped the two men just in front of The Biker and then turned to leave. The Biker stood up and walked over to his duffle-bag that was in the corner of the room, he picked it up and then walked back to the three guys standing by the chair; The Biker put the bag down on the floor and then reached inside it.

He pulled out two more funnel gags, he pasted one of Housewives seeking real sex Oakham Massachusetts 1068 gags to Tom who took it.

The Biker did the same to De Flores. The Biker smiled; it was good to see that the trigger word still worked on. Both men gulped down the piss Beautiful couples want nsa Hillsboro filled the funnels and their mouths.

Tom carried on pissing for quite a while after The Biker, but soon he too finished pissing, and shook his cock.

The Biker looked at the clock on the wall: M it read. He did not have much time to deal with Master Phobos, and get ready for the Auction. But he could just make it. The Biker stood up and left the room. M: The Biker had managed to make the arrangements for the auction, and get ready to take down Master Phobos. Over his head The Biker wore a leather hood, which went down under his shirt collar, which The Biker had buttoned right the way up to the top button.

The funnel gag was still in his mouth, his hands were cuffed behind his back and attached to his ankles; the faint buzzing sound that could be heard told that one of the vibrating metallic butt-plug was in his hole. A car was heard parking Piss bitch for biker top The Biker looked at his watch: it read 3.

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Master Phobos was early, never mind all the quicker would be his downfall thought The Biker. He heard the barn doors creak open, and heard Phobos footsteps on the wooden Sexy women want hot sex Tuscaloosa floor.

Master Phobos stepped into the dim light in the middle of the barn. A great bear of a man, in a tight rubber suit and rubber Statenville-GA wife fucked stood before The Biker. When the figure spoke, The Biker knew the voice at once, but did not let on that he knew who Phobos really was, that would come later, but for now maybe a little fun.

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Ordering me here like this, it better by good. After a little time The Biker asked the question again, this time although Phobos was still shaking and crying out loudly he did answer the question.

Piss bitch for biker top Searching Real Swingers

If you must know, they in the back of the car outside, one chain to either side of the car to stop them from fucking. Time gloryhole knoxville move thing along thought The Biker, he pushed a button on the remote in his hand. I am real and want to spend time with you pic of you on the sales of your mission of Phobos Omega Beta web site showed you dressed as you are now, but with your doggies.

You see I know who your two doggies were, and who retrained them and sold them to you! The Biker stepped sideways; so that Phobos could see Amos on the hay Married woman want sex Huntingdonshire, and the funnel gag in his mouth.